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Our goal with these changes was to maintain a highly-competitive free service option while enabling continuous innovation and new feature development for all users." Although Troutman doesn't say it, we can also probably assume the company realized it needs more people to sign up for its memberships because it needs to make money.That makes sense as far as a monetization tactic, but it doesn't work in execution.

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You offer a product under the premise of free service then renege? IIWee1P— David M (@dmoneyownz) October 4, 2017 Watch out if you’re considering buying a @canary device: now you don’t get much without also paying for a $150/year membership HB1eym M— Tim Schmitz (@Tim Schmitz) September 28, 2017 Canary has indeed updated both that FAQ page above and its membership page to reflect the new free policy, but choosing only to inform current users about this change with one week’s notice is understandably upsetting some customers.

As a result of the recent acquisition of LED lighting company Mr.

Beams, Ring is rolling out some new lighting products under its brand.

It also upgrades the video capture from 720p to 1080p.