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Throughout this article, you'll see the term used in two ways.

First, by sorting a list view, we can see contacts in groups—contacts who are related by a field value.

You may have valid reasons for sticking with an older version of the Office Suite. We’ve compared the following elements in the two previous versions of the Office suite with Office 2016 on the following elements: Data Loss Prevention helps significantly reduce the risk of leaking sensitive data, by giving IT admins tools to centrally create, manage and enforce policies for content authoring and document sharing.

But keep this in mind: your business data are a financial asset that has to be protected. (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook) Why should you upgrade to Office 2016? You can still buy Office in the usual “one box, one installation” perpetual license at your retailer (up to $519 for Office 2016 Professional).

However, it is also available in a Software-as-a-Service model (Office Apps).